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4 Easy Steps

Our providers offer same day post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) evaluations and medical records for client's seeking a medical marijuana prescription in Colorado, Florida, and Virginia.  Follow these four  easy steps:​

  1. Get an evaluation for PTSD and obtain medical records showing you have been diagnosed. We provide medical records if you qualify.

  2. Register with your State as a patient (links below). 

  3. Bring your medical records to a licensed cannabis physician (MD or DO) for a prescription.

  4. Once approved, visit a licensed dispensary to purchase products or grow your own according to your State licensing requirements. 

Colorado Registration: Click Here

Florida Registration: Click Here

Virginia Registration: Click Here

Get your State approved PTSD diagnosis and medical records today. We guarantee your records will be accepted by your local cannabis physician. The cost is only $89. 

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