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Challenger Point is a 14,087' mountain in Colorado. It is named in honor of the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded in 1986. At the summit, a plaque reads "Ad Astra Per Aspera", which is Latin for "To the stars through adversity." This phrase captures the mission of Challenger Point Practice, my personality, and the attitude I want to help you have when you're facing hard times.

I am specialized in disability related services. This includes emotional support animals, psychiatric service dogs, along with accommodations for housing, employment, school, and travel. I also work with client's that need to request short-term disability from work and FMLA to address mental health concerns. I am skilled in working with insurance companies, disability claims processors, human resources, and supervisors to ensure that adequate workplace accommodations are established, thus allowing clients to have equal opportunities as those without disabilities.

I also provide counseling services for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and both active duty and retired military.

Most recently, I have been helping with separated and divorced families seeking to develop a co-parenting plan and avoid or minimize the Court's involvement. This requires extensive meetings, consultations, co-parenting education, individual and family counseling, and helps parents come to an agreement on a Cooperative Parenting Plan. Due to the complexity involved, families interested in this service should call and request a free consultation.  

Matthew Carlson, LPC, LPC, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Owner of Challenger Point Practice



Licensed Mental Health Treatment in Colorado, Texas, and Florida

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If you're seeking a psychiatric service dog or emotional support animal approval, you're in the right place! 

I require all interested people to register as a client. We'll schedule a psychiatric diagnostic assessment to establish a disability. We'll develop your treatment plan, clinical recommendations, any accommodations needed, and if approved, I will publish an approval letter, which you can use to show proof of ESA/PSD status. Disabilities must be reassessed at least every 12 months and re-assessment is super simple. 

I am accepting new clients in Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

I can bill most health insurance plans, excluding Medicaid and Medicare. If you'd like me to bill your insurance, I will verify your benefits, and email you what you'll be required to pay at the time of your appointment. If you'd like to get started, call or text me at 970-363-4031. 

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I have extensive experience in counseling and consulting with Firefighters, Police, Parole, EMS, Dispatch, SAR, etc., military service members, veterans, nurses, physicians, and others exposed to traumatic events. 

All counseling appointments are conducted using a HIPPA and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant teletherapy platform or can be delivered on-site as necessary.



Co-parenting Solutions

Do you want to avoid constant Court battles over parenting time? Meet with a licensed counselor to develop a comprehensive parenting plan. In accordance with all applicable laws, this program includes routine meetings with both parents on video, includes co-parenting education, on-going consultation, individual and family therapy, and can be used to draft a plan with a neutral party (mental health professional) with the goal of reaching agreements for the best interest of the children involved. THIS IS FAR MORE EFFECTIVE AND CHEAPER THAN GOING TO COURT. Parents are the best at making decisions for their children, not a complete stranger. With help from an experienced mental health professional, co-parents find this option to be far more beneficial than paying thousands of dollars to attorneys and leaving the fate of their children's best interest in the hands of the Court. Due to the complexity involved, please contact me for a free consultation: 970-363-4031.

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