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Emotional Support Animals Approval

An ESA Approval provides security that you can live in your permanent residence with your animal(s) in no-pet residential buildings, without fees or restrictions on size, weight, or breeds. 

ESAs can be any kind of domestic animal that is not illegal or dangerous by behavior. 


If you’d like to be approved for an ESA, you must be registered as a patient, thus establishing on-going professional relationship with your provider, participate in a diagnostic psychiatric assessment, and if your provider approves you to use an ESA, it will be part of a treatment plan. You must remain active, in good standing, and follow all clinical requirements. 

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To Get an ESA Approval

An ESA approval helps you to live with your animal in no-pet residential buildings, without fees, or restrictions on size, weight, or restricted breeds.

To get ESA approval you will register as a client, be matched with licensed mental health provider or physician who is knowledgeable about ESA laws and participate in a clinical assessment. You might qualify if you have a mental health concern that substantially limits an area of your life and has lasted longer than six months.

ESA Approval Benefits

ESAs can live in properties with "no pet" policies. HOAs, landlords, co-ops, and property managers cannot charge you "pet rent" or "pet deposit." ESAs can be any domestic breed animal and can be any weight. The animal must not be illegal or dangerous by behavior. ESAs do not require specific individualized training. Only licensed mental health professions, physicians, and assistants can approve ESAs.

ESA Approval Process

  1. You will register as a client on a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform (Therapy Portal).

  2. We will match you with a licensed mental health professional or physician within 1 business day of your order. 

  3. Your provider will contact you by email or telephone to schedule a clinical assessment. Your provider will determine whether you have a qualifying condition. 

  4. If approved, you will receive an ESA Approval letter by email and in your portal documents within 1 business day. Your approval will be valid for 12 months from the date of your clinical assessment. You are 100% responsible for the behavior of your ESA(s) at all times.

  5. Once you receive your ESA Approval letter, you can submit your approval letter to your landlord, building manager, co-op, HOA, or third-party animal screening service contracted by your property. We will happily verify your ESA approval with your property manager as necessary.

  6. You must maintain an active, on-going, professional relationship with your provider. 

We will support you every step of the way. Get started today!

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