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Psychiatric Service Dog Training & Assessment

You can train your own dog with help from our professional dog training in obedience, public access, and a task that is specific to your psychiatric disability.


Dog giving a high five

PSD Training & Assessment

Train your own dog with the help of our professional dog trainer. We provide 10 virtual training sessions with a psychiatric service dog trainer and three (3) clinical appointments with your licensed mental health professional or physician. This will ensure your PSD is well trained in obedience and trained to perform a service, task, or work that directly helps you with some aspect of your disability. This ensures you have on-going professional support from both your dog trainer and licensed provider. Successful completion of training results in a certificate of training that is valid for the life of your dog. Once your dog is fully trained, your licensed provider will issue a PSD approval, which is valid for 12 months.

Training Sessions Include

  1. Dog Communication

  2. Heel

  3. Sit, Stay

  4. Lay down, stay

  5. Recall

  6. Psychiatric service dog task training

  7. Task training

  8. Task training

  9. Task training

  10. Task training, graduation

Your licensed provider will help you choose an appropriate task for your dog to be trained and coordinate with the dog trainer for a team-based approach. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with experts in this field. Let's get started!

The cost for this training package is considered a retainer and pays for all registration, clinical appointments, training sessions, certificate of training, an ID card, and on-going support. The handler is always 100% responsible for the behavior of the service dog. Handler must have access to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cable or strong cellular signal for all appointments.

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